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Mama Bleu Designs of Sierra Madre

The story of Mama Bleu Designs of Sierra Madre

The story & mission of Mama Bleu Designs began several years ago when I started creating stitched illustrations.

I wanted the words and phrases from my wall hangings to be inspirational and encouraging to my customers. I imagined the words were actually being spoken by a whimsical bird, a mama bird, who loves to nurture everything around her.

I started daydreaming about this mama bird and the stories wove in my head like a beloved bedtime story…..

I dreamed that she loved her garden and she loved her family. She loved singing encouraging words that would float on the air and be carried far and wide on the breeze.

I dreamed she was a nurturer. She was blue and a mama.

Even more this sweet mama bird had a dream to sing someday from the top of the tallest flowers in Monet’s garden because she believed it was the most beautiful garden ever. To hold her dream close to her heart she decided to spell her name in french….. Bleu.

She is Mama Bleu.

She also imagined that her influence would go much further than anything she could ever do on her own. Even though she was a mama over a small garden at the time, she would keep singing. She would keep sharing her inspiration. She would keep encouraging others because she sees their potential.

She is a possibility thinker!

This story started in the Spring of 2011 and it has become the mission behind Mama Bleu Designs.

Mama Bleu Designs of Sierra Madre

Although my designs have evolved and my business has grown, my passion still echoes the sentiments of this sweet mama bluebird.

Mama Bleu Designs of Sierra Madre

In all truth, I realized from the beginning that I AM Mama Bleu and many in the industry call me by that name.

I am a Mama, a Maker and a Mentor.

Each design I create is done for the purpose of bringing joy, gratitude, inspiration and encouragement to each of my customers.

Mama Bleu Designs of Sierra Madre

Here at Mama Bleu Designs we want you to love what you gift!


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